Exhibited at:
British Horn Society (BHS) Festival, Cardiff - Nov'12
I am a thing of beauty, of that there is no doubt,
But after our trip out today, Im feeling quite put out.

He took me to a gathering, of horns from far and near,
I was much admired and handled, but played, not well I fear.

A nasty case of stage-fright, amongst the great and good,
I looked around in awe and thought, Im only made of wood!

What chance against these beauties, that play their tunes so well?
I really tried my hardest, how sad that I should fail.

But, he learnt much about my faults, my failings and my flaws,
If now he makes another, Ill have helped him after all.
Poor Me (A French Horn's Lament):
Bristol Model Engineering Exhibition - Aug'17

Great Dorset Steam Fair - Sep' 15 (pictured) & Aug'17

South Cerney Vintage & Country Fair - Aug'13-Aug'17
Exhibited at:
July 2012
Spalted Beech & Lime
380 pieces
When new, Harry Potter Theme played by a friend
who is a member of a local French Horn Quartet
No of Pieces:
French Horn Project:
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